Our Group signed up to the Global Compact, the greates initiative of world corporate citizenship, through which the United Nation aims to promote a sustainable global economy, encouraging companies to conduct their business responsibly.

Founded in 1999, the Global Compact is today an international network made up of companies, governments, institutions and organisations that aims to share, disseminate and support its Ten Principles and, more generally, to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



The ten universal principles reflects the importance of an ethical management of topics such as human rights,labour practices, environment and anti-corruption. The respect of these principles is at the base of our culture, our values and our day by day activities. By signing up to these principles, we want to give a tangible signal of our commitment to promoting an increasingly responsible, sustainable and inclusive business model.

The Group will report annually on the progress made with respect to the Ten Principles in the Sustainability Report, which will represent our Communication on Progress (COP).