Board of Directors nominated by the Shareholders’ Meeting on 30 April 2020  and with term for the fiscal year 2020-2022:

Name Appointment  
Paolo Prudenziati Chairman non-executive (3) CV
Raffaella Orsero Vice-chair, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer CV
Matteo Colombini Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer CV
Carlos Fernandéz Ruiz Director CV
Vera Tagliaferri Independent Director (1) (2) (3) CV
Laura Soifer Independent Director (2) CV
Armando de Sanna Independent Director (1) (3) CV
Elia Kuhnreich Independent Director (2) CV
Riccardo Manfrini Independent Director (1) CV




(1) Member of the Control and Risk Committee.

(2) Member of the Related Parties Transactions Committee

(3) Member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee