Our Group decided in 2021 to draw up a Strategic Sustainability Plan, with the aim of combining business growth with social and environmental sustainability.

Ethical business conduct and value creation in the medium and long term are the basis from which we started to define our strategy.

From here we have developed four macro-areas of intervention, strategic for our business, on which we are committed to work:


From the 4 areas derive 11 concrete goals on which we intend to act. Each goal has been defined in line with what is proposed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, namely:



All the goals will be reviewed annually taking into account the results progressively achieved and the strategy will be updated according to the new needs that will emerge from the external and internal context of the Group, in order to always meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Furthermore, with the aim of guaranteeing adequate supervision and monitoring of sustainability issues, our Group adopted a Sustainability Policy which, in addition to formalizing the strategic areas, defines our Sustainability Governance structure.

The Strategic Plan and the Sustainability Policy were approved by the Board of Directors of Orsero S.p.A..

“We believe that it is necessary to keep on growing and creating value but according to criteria of greater responsibility, reducing the environmental and social impacts of our business in order to try to guarantee better living conditions for people today but also and above all for future generations”
Raffaella Orsero, VP & CEO