The Orsero Group controls the entire chain of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Group’s core business, represented by the import and distribution of fruit and vegetables, is carried out through a series of activities that are developed along the entire value chain of the products marketed.

  • Procurement (sourcing and import): the procurement (sourcing) of fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly in South Europe, is carried out throughout the year in about 80 countries around the world, through an extensive network of suppliers with whom the Group has historically consolidated relationships. This diversification of sources of supply, both in terms of countries of origin of the goods and in terms of variety of suppliers, is an important distinguishing factor of the Group and allows to mitigate the risk of possible problems in the supply of specific fruit and vegetables from specific countries of origin. As far as bananas and pineapples are concerned, sea transportation fom Central America to South Europe is carried out through the shipping service managed by the Shipping BU, by means of 4 owned reefer vessels puls 1 leased vessel. All other inbound logistic services are provided by 3rd parties.
  • Quality control: once they reach the various sorting points in Southern Europe, the products are subjected to numerous and rigorous quality controls, in line with the standards required by the large-scale retail trade and traditional wholesalers for whom the products are destined. Quality control is carried out mainly by the Import & Distribution BU at its own sorting points; in the case of bananas and pineapples, an initial control is carried out directly at the production sites and, limited to the volumes transported by Group-owned ships, during the sea transport phases and upon arrival at the destination ports in Europe; subsequently, additional quality control is carried out in the storage centers for imported products
  • Storage, ripening and processing: once the quality control has been completed, the products are stored inside the logistic platforms, at different temperatures according to the characteristics and needs of the different products and, where necessary, brought to ripeness (as in the case of bananas or other exotic products, such as avocados and mangoes). According to the needs of customers, usually belonging to the large-scale retail trade, the products are sometimes repackaged, and therefore transferred from loose packaging (large boxes, optimized for transport and storage management), to packaging suitable for resale to consumers. In addition, for some years now, the Group has also been present in a further phase of fruit processing, i.e., in the preparation of fruit cut into ready-to-eat portions (the so-called “fresh cut” fruit), which represents a rapidly growing market.
  • Sales and distribution: the last stage of the value chain consists of the marketing of products carried out by the Import & Distribution BU, which takes care of and manages relations with end customers, consisting of the large-scale retail trade and traditional wholesalers in Southern Europe, and works continuously to ensure the daily supply of products to Group customers, also in view of the shelf life of the products. Outbound logistic services are provided by 3rd parties.



The Group activities cover two macro-sectors: